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Sujok Colour Therapy

Colour relates to 'Vibration' and in the recent years physicists have established that all matters including our organs is really an energy which works by and under influence of vibrations

A cell in the human body is like a battery cell - full of energy fields and vibrates in a microscopic energy sense. Electrical activity is the property of all living systems. There is a universal code of bio-currents by which living organisms regulate, grow and recuperate. From the moment of conception, which is resonance between two vibrations of male and female seeds-electric current begins to flow in the tiny embryo, guiding the incredibly intricate process that culminates in birth.

These flows of biocurrents produce electrical electromagnetic fields, which ultimately vibrates around the nerves, tissues, muscles or organs concerned. Disturbance in these fields or vibrations portend disease and illness. This is the basis of SUJOK Acupressure/Acupuncture diagnosis and treatment. But now we know that colours have their own vibrations, or energy fields, it follows quite logically that colours can influence our bodies and its functioning, by using colours on proper correspondence points.

Seven colours of the spectrum consist of the colours - VIBGYOR - Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. These seven cosmis rays and their mixtures are responsible for creation, maintanence, and destruction of the universe. They impart life, health, young, old age and death and thus regulate all beginnings and ends.

Use of Colours
Colour therapy affects the mind more than it affects the body. Thus there is greater consideration of the Satwik, Rajasik and Tamasic (three basic qualities if the mind) effects of colour, even more in their effect on the physical constitution.
Satwa: all colours have shades that are satwik, rajasik or tamasic, so it is imperative to use only the satwik shades- those shades that bring joy, harmony and serenity. Best colours are: white, gold, violet and blue.

Rajas: colours- bright, loud, flashy, artificial and rajasic shades- bright metallic, penetrating, are sometimes useful when there is low or inert energy. Combinations of opposite colours can also be too stimulating and irritating.
Rajasic colours are: yellow, orange, red, purple.

Tamas: these colours are dull, dark, turbid and muddy, they cause the mind and senses to become heavy, inert and congested. Tamasic colours are: brown, black and grey.

White and black are not really considered colours, but are polar opposites of light and dark, from which colour is produced. When healing, primary colours should be used in their most characteristic shades.

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